Dressage with a difference

Like a dressage show but different. We hope that these classes will help you to build your confidence and that of your partnership. Here you will have to opportunity to do your test again, or just a bit of it again, or have some help throughout the test. Look at our classes.

Double Entry: Have you ever come out of the test and thought ‘if only I could do that again’? Now you can. Have a walk, rethink the bits you can improve and have another go (approx. 14 minutes later). Your best score will count.

Redo 2: The test would have been perfect if you hadn’t broken in canter, miscounted your tempis or swung your bottom out during the salute. In this class you have the chance to have another go at a movement (well two actually). Simply raise your hand to tell the judge that you are going to do the last movement again and the judge will mark your second attempt. If all goes perfectly, you don’t have to redo anything.

Talk Me Through It: Strange how everything your trainer has said in the warm-up vanishes from your mind when you turn down the centreline. If only they could remind you to half halt or prompt you to get the best transition. Now your trainer can talk you through the test. Whether it be to hand hold you on a first attempt or to help tweak your test riding in a proper competition environment.

Standard: Just a normal BD test. Like the Redo 2 – except you can’t redo any of it.

Dates: 25 April, 24 May, 21 June 2020

Held at Belmoredean with the kind permission of Louise Hartnett.

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